Xinjiang Tv Digital Video Recorders Using The Experience And Deal With The Problem

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This article focuses on the Xinjiang Television Station by JVCDigital-S digital video recorder and equipment selection to consider the introduction of the use of experience.

Key words Digital-S format digital video recorder system features pre-reading function of image quality multi-generation reproduction head video program production

  Editor's Note: video as a TV program production system of the important core equipment, production systems in the entire program occupies an important and decisive role, the format choice will affect the entire system (including pre-production systems and post-production systems) positioning and performance. At present, the video is from the recording can be classified into analog video recorders and digital video recorders, including Betacam-SP and M is the main analog component video format, and in the field of professional broadcast and widely used, but with the entire television system the digital process, digital video recorders will undoubtedly occupy an important position more and more, therefore, choose their own development and the process of digital video recorder digital format is extremely important.

Introduction Present, digital video recorder in accordance with whether the process of digital signal compression can be divided into uncompressed and compressed digital video recorder digital video recorder. Uncompressed digital video format, mainly D1, D2, D3, D5, digital compressed video format main DVCPRO, DVCAM, Digital BETACAM (D4), BETACAM-SX, Digital-S, in the comprehensive study the characteristics of each format and cost-effective and taking into account the Xinjiang dry, dusty environment for the use, I chose Digital-S sets a series of video format, is now on the format of models in actual use, some experience doing shows, and communicate with industry, please treatise.

1. Digital-S format Introduction Digital-S is the JVC company to meet the requirements of the digital age introduced digital video systems, also known as D-9 format, which uses 8-bit 4:2:2 component processing, recording bit rate is 50Mb / s, thus ensuring many generations after editing, special effects and a variety of video processing, the image is still clearer. At the same time due to the use of the VHS to go with body, with a lower price and with S-VHS compatible playback feature, Digital-S uses the original records of the Japanese HI-VISION's W-VHS video, you can do almost 2 hours long record, with good practice, for improving the existing system.

D-9 format with three-level system products.

(1) broadcast-quality 4-channel series: Camera: DY-90EC

Recorder: BR-D92EC Edit video player: BR-D52EC

Slow motion edit video: BR-D95 (2) standard series: Camera: KY-D29ECH (KY-D29WEC) + BR-D40EC and DY-70EC.

Edit video: BR-D860CE Edit video player: BR-D565EC (3) Economy Series: Camera: DY-700EC Edit video: BR-D750EC Edit video player: BR-D350EC 2. Digital-S format, the main features of digital video recorders

1. Record with 4:2:2 sampling line CCIR601 standard 8-bit quantization digital component video to high-quality images.

2. A secondary video area for recording two optional video cable is not compressed.

3. Broadband component records can ensure high-quality color effects and fine image contrast, and reduced distortion. With 1 / 2 inch metal belt, magnetic track pitch is 20 microns, each frame formed by the 12 tracks.

4. To ensure that multi-generation copy editing and digital search to maintain the best image quality, compression ratio is set to the optimum of 3.3:1, using DCT (discrete cosine transform)-based intra-frame coding and 50Mb / s code speed record.

5. Use of pre-reading capabilities, dual can be A / B volume editor. Pre-reading function, is a tape recording of a new signal in before playback where the existing signals. The original three machines to do so can A / B editing volumes can be reduced to 2 sets of VTR, simulated environment can be complex and the level of effect.

6. Audio separate editing. (In general the editing, audio and video editing point of the same, this feature allows users to edit the audio can be independently incorporated into points, so you can insert audio and video signals, respectively, the key button is the SHIFT key).

7. Audio V-attenuation feature that can transition to V-off in volume, thus reducing the noise.

8. Search is flexible, can be ± 3 speed search, ± 1 / 3 speed continuous, low-noise wave, slow replay.

9. Error Correction tape operation to restore missing data, error correction with double error correction Reed-Solomon powerful way, drum a total of three layers, the upper and lower still in the middle is a thin layer of rotating parts , can reduce the tape tension, reducing head wear and jitter correction feature as powerful, even if the head is blocked when, Digital-S is still able to replay images. Front panel of the error correction tips, the situation can understand the tape, the tape self-diagnostic warning system to prevent failure.

10.Digital-S provides a rich interface options. Digital-S Recorder can match the existing analog editing system used with analog composite, Y / C and component signals (YUV) interface, as well as serial digital interface (SDI), easy to connect digital devices.

11. Front panel automatically edited (by 9-wire remote control the machine and the player, can not compile the case of controller can also automatically edit).

12. Long tape recording of convenience, using high-density W-VHS tape format, the metal film. S / N indicator 55db (weighted), much higher than the analog component machine.

13. Chassis solid, clean mechanical structure, combined with the module, the circuit is the uniform part of a row of plug-ins; separate one part of the mechanical structure simple and solid movement.

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Xinjiang Tv Digital Video Recorders Using The Experience And Deal With The Problem

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