Why Should We Make And Upload Video Resume?

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Video resume is essential to complement textual resume and does not compete or replace textual resume. Video resume is a short video describing about the academic, work history, and achievements of a job seeker, who use it as a pitch to promote by means of argument and demonstration to the prospective job providers for consideration in their jobs. This gives the jobseekers a better chance to represent themselves in an elegant way by portraying their soft skills as well hard skills in a short video description. In addition, video resume provides a way to express soft skills which is not possible through textual resume. You need to be perfect in creating your video resume so as to impress viewers and consider you for job. You should also practice several times before creating your video resume; some sample video resumes should be studied and good points should be accepted that are essential for describing yourself so as to make professional video resume.

Video resume give you a chance to advertise in the job market and increase your chances of getting an interview. If your resume is poorly created then it may hamper your chances of getting an interview call and at worst can shame you for your activities that you have depicted in your ill created video resume. The most essential thing in any video resume creation is to use some experts video resume tips, before creating your own. This will help you to be specific in showing you skills. You should first conduct a rehearsal, then let the created video be reviewed by your friends and relatives as they are the best critics and can suggest you in some respect to create video resumes. If you can convince your family members and friends in showing your video resume you can also convince your prospective employers too. Your friends and family will know what can be done best to make you videos appealing to the viewer. If you accept the good points from them then you can create an appreciable resumes that increases your chances of getting a job.

Now, you have decided to create your own video resume. Great! First and foremost you must search for the video resume websites that will provide you the resources to create your own video resume. After you have done some research work in the job portal that do provide video resume creation feature, try to read their reviews and blogs. If satisfied by the job portal, sign in to the portal to be a registered member and upload your own video resume. Next, you must see if your video resume is fulfilling all the requirement of the job portal. Last but not the least, subscribe to the job portal as a paid member as you get many advantages in being a paid member. You will receive more interview calls and you can also increase your chances of getting a good job as per your standards and needs to your full extent.

To make and upload your video resume you may use, Jobma, one of the best video resume website.  It provides Jobma app that can be downloaded from Appstore for your iphone. This app will help you to make your own video resume using the phone video recording feature and uploads the video resume instantly. Now, searching for job and posting the video resume through mobile interface has never been such easier. Jobma also has a blogging site that will help you to learn the essentials in your job search.

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Why Should We Make And Upload Video Resume?

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This article was published on 2013/07/02